Emerald Ore

Found in




Blast Resistance


Similar items

Ruby Ore, Emerald gem and block


Extreme Hills, Extreme Hills Edge (non-modded version), Any biome (modded versions)

EmeraldEmerald Ore, which started out as Ruby Ore, is an ore that was implemented into Minecraft in the 1.3.1 update.

Emerald-moddedThere is also a modded version that appears in the More Ores mod.

Evil emeraldsAnd yet another third version appears in Evil Minecraft.

Emerald ore is much, much, much rarer than diamond. It was thought there would be emerald crafting recipes, however there will not be.

Because this ore can only be found in 2 different biomes, it is way more efficient to trade for them with Villagers. A cheap and useful way to get them is to get a lot of raw pork/beef, and hold a trade with a butcher villager.


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