You NEED rollback before you can apply here.

This is a page where users can request administrator and bureaucrat rights. Please read the following regulations and instructions completely before placing a request. For now, people can self-nominate themselves or nominate other users (though the candidate must accept the nomination), and an administrator will decide whether or not the candidate is ideal. If yes, a bureaucrat will hand the flags if the decision was made by a sysop. Eventually when the community expands significantly, community discussions will be used. Until that point, this system is in use. Bureaucrat flags can be requested by users that are already administrators. However, these requests are only accepted by other bureaucrats, since only they have enough experience as being one. Please note that administrators can be made at any time, while bureaucrats are only made if another one is good to have or needed. Keep in mind that bureaucrat flags are no different from admin tools, other than more access to user rights management, which is not used very often. Admin flags can be requested to be removed, or are removed by a bureaucrat immediately, if an administrator either...

  • ...abuses his/her powers
  • ...has been inactive for a long period of time (2+ weeks)
  • ...has not shown any use for the tools
  • ...has shown behavior unacceptable for an administrator.

If the admin is a bureaucrat, Wikia Staff can be asked to remove them.

Rules and Regulations Edit

While the wiki gets more page views, and thus more edits, more administrators will come in handy to keep maintenance in all hours. You can request adminship below, but it's important to keep in mind a few things: For adminship requests:

  • You must be experienced with this particular wiki, and preferably other wikis.
  • Your contributions must be of good quality.
  • You must provide a reasoning why you would be a good admin and need the tools.

For bureaucratship requests:

  • You must have experience as an administrator already.
  • You should be trusted enough, as bureaucrat tools can be very dangerous in wrong hands.



I'd like to help fix vandalism and change block settings for vandals to permanent block to help with this wiki.

Thank you, Cm7 (talk) 23:24, November 25, 2012 (UTC)

Done. - Minecraft 17:08, December 2, 2012 (UTC)

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