Wiki Rules

1. No Spamming

This one is obvious. Swearing, spamming, vandalism, and oreos are not allowed on this wiki. This site is meant to be child friendly. If you want to make a joke/satirical/humour page, incorporate it into your userspace and nowhere else. For Example: User:Some Human/A page. Any vandal pages will automatically be added to your user page, unless you are trying to make the wiki look like bad.

2. No page moving or deleting without permission


3. Sign up before editing

This one isn't so obvious. But if you are a user of another wiki, and contribute there often, we can let you edit this site. This rule is in place to stop vandalism.

4. Making pages

I will read any recently made pages. If it is constructive content and exists (including mods), the page will be kept. If it is vandalism made to make the wiki look bad, it will be moved to your userspace where you can edit it. If it is spam/advertising, it will be deleted.

5. Uploading files

Uploaded files should preferably be related to ores. If not, they will be added to Category:Userpage or talk page files for use on your Userpage. Any pornography etc. will be deleted.

6. Adding Videos

Read Rule 5.

7. Enjoy!

Read title please!

If you wish to become an admin, you must go to Ores of Minecraft Wiki:Requests for adminship and meet the requirements there. Then post your request.

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